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Behavior Policy

The Newton Public Library is a community resource, open to all, and thus has a Library Board approved Behavior Policy to ensure safety and respectfulness for all users.
Newton Public Library Behavior Policy


 The Newton Public Library encourages the active enjoyment of the library: its resources, facilities and equipment.  However, for this enjoyment to occur, guidelines must be established for the behavior of our users.  Users who do not follow these measures may temporarily or permanently lose their privilege to use the library.


  1. Abusive, inappropriate, or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.
  2. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.
  3. Use of rollerblades or skateboards is not allowed in the building.
    1. Rollerblading or skateboarding is not allowed in the loading dock area or parking lot of the building.
  4. Electronic devices may not be used without headphones.
  5. Cell phone ringers must be set to silent or vibrate.
  6. The Information and magazine reading areas of the library are for quiet study where cell phone use and loud conversations are discouraged.  Please use other study areas of the library for non-quiet study or reading.
  7. No running is allowed in the library
  8. No sleeping is allowed in the library.
  9. Food is only allowed in the meeting rooms and library staff areas of the library.  Drink is not allowed around any public computer station.  Drink is allowed in the public area of the library provided the container has a closeable, non-leak lid.
  10. The children’s restroom is for youth ages 12 and under.  A parent or responsible adult accompanying a child are the only adults allowed in the restroom.  All other users should use the restrooms in the lobby.
  11. The Circulation Desk and office area, staff lounge, basement and all storage areas of the library are off-limits to all but library staff and designated others.
  12. Children under age 10 must be accompanied by an adult.  Unaccompanied children age 10 and older must adhere to all library rules.
  13. Children should be supervised at all times.
    1. If a child is not properly supervised and is found in violation of the behavior policy, the responsible adult, guardian or caregiver will be sanctioned.
  14. No loitering is allowed in the lobby or on the grounds.
  15. Vandalism or defacement of library materials, equipment, or property is strictly prohibited and will result in criminal prosecution.


Users who violate these behavior policies will be subject to the following sanctions:

    1. First offense: user will be asked to leave the library building and grounds and may not return for the rest of the day and one full day after that.
    2. Second offense: user will be asked to leave the library and grounds and may not return for up to one full week.
    3. Third offense: user will be asked to leave the library and grounds and may not return for up to one full year.
    4. Fourth offense: user will not be allowed in the building or on the grounds again.

Anyone who has been asked to leave the library and returns to the building before the time of their suspension has expired will be trespassing and subject to prosecution.

Library Hours
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Thursday      10am-8pm
Friday          10am-6pm
Saturday      10am-2pm
Sunday        Closed


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