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Public Internet Workstations

Patron use of Public Internet Workstation[1]


  1. The Newton Public Library provides public Internet workstations as another resource providing information to its patrons.  Users of this resource should remember that not all sources on the Internet provide accurate, complete or current information.  These Internet sources may also be personally offensive to users and those who may pass by the workstation.  Access to these and all other library resources is not filtered.  Patrons assume all risk/liability when divulging a credit card number or other personal information over the internet.  The Newton public Library is not responsible for any charges, damages, or injuries resulting from such use.
  2. Six sit-down public internet workstations may be reserved in one-hour blocks, beginning at the top of the hour.  The stand-up station may be used for a maximum of 30 minutes.  Someone using the stand-up station will not be switched to a sit-down station during the 30-minute session. No reservations will be taken for the stand-up station.[2]
  3. A patron may reserve a sit-down workstation for only one block of time per day provided the patron has not already used an Internet station that day, and may use it for an additional block per day if no one else has reserved it or is waiting to use it.
  4. A patron may have one Internet workstation reservation at a time.  The patron may not use any Internet workstation more than two (2) blocks per day.[3]
  5. Reservations will be taken by phone or in person.  If a patron who has reserved an internet workstation fails to arrive by ten (10) minutes after the hour, the reservation will be cancelled.[4]
  6. All Iowa residents using a public Internet workstation must fill out and have on file an Internet Use registration form.  Users under the age of 17 must have a parent or guardian fill out the registration form.[5]
  7. Iowa residents using a public Internet workstation must present a valid Newton Public Library card to a staff member at the Information Desk.  Patrons from out of state, cities/libraries in Iowa not participating in Open Access, and out of country must present photo identification before using an Internet station.[6]
  8. The patron’s library card will be held while the patron uses the workstation and will not be returned until the patron has finished using the workstation and has paid for any disks, ink or paper used.[7]
  9. Patrons using the workstation must be knowledgeable in computer operation.  Minimal instruction will be given if time permits.
  10. $0.10 per page for black and white printing, and $0.50 per page for color printing will be charged at both the public Internet terminals and at the Information Desk.  Printing will be paid for at the Information Desk.[8]
  11. Deleted 1/18/16
  12. Up to two (2) people may use a workstation together at a time.  Both users must be registered Internet users and present valid library cards, unless one person is the minor child of the other person in which both people may use an Internet workstation using only the parent’s library card.  In this case, the parent must remain with the minor child for the Internet session.[9]
  13. The patron is responsible for complying with all state and federal laws, including, but not limited to, those laws addressing copyright, computer crime, and obscenity.  The Newton Public Library is not responsible for any actions of a patron using a workstation.
  14. No files may be stored on the hard disk of the workstation.  Any unrecognized files will be deleted on a regular basis.

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