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Gift & Donation Policy

Gift and Donation Policy[1]

The Newton Public Library acknowledges the fact that gifts have been vital to the establishment and growth of the library.
The Newton Public Library welcomes donations including books, magazines, and audio-visual materials as well as monetary gifts.

           i.      Gifts of cash are most particularly welcome since they can most easily and quickly be used to implement the library’s programs.

          ii.      The library accepts gifts of cash designed for a specific purpose but can most effectively use money when it is free to allocate funds to those programs currently in greatest need.

          iii.      Distribution of monetary donations not allocated at the time of donation will be decided upon by the administration and reported to the Library Board of Trustees on an annual basis.

Books or audio-visual materials may be donated in honor of a friend or relative.

          i.      Materials will be marked with a special bookplate upon request by the donor.

          ii.      The library will assume the responsibility for ordering memorial materials, and said materials should be satisfactory to both the donor and the library.

         iii.      Notifications of memorial donations will be sent to family of the deceased, and a thank you will be sent to the donor.

Gifts are tax deductible; however, the library will not set fair market or appraisal values.  The library will furnish a statement of receipt of donated items for tax purposes upon request.
The library retains unconditional ownership of an accepted gift.  A gift may be given to other libraries and non-profit agencies, sold, traded, recycled, or discarded if it is not added to the collection.  Any gift considered by the library for inclusion into the library’s collection must meet the same selection criteria as purchased materials.
The library reserves the right to decline gifts and decide when a gift added to the collection will be withdrawn.
The library does ask that donations meet certain requirements:

          i.      No moldy, musty or water damaged items;

           ii.      No dirty items (greasy, food-stained, insect infested, etc.);

          iii.      Items unmarked by pens, pencils, crayons or highlighters;

           iv.      No physically damaged items (i.e., have broken bindings, loose or torn pages, damaged covers, or damaged cases);

           v.      No textbooks;

          vi.      No condensed books (for example, Readers Digest Condensed Books);

          vii.      No nonfiction titles over five years old;

          viii.      No materials weeded from other libraries.

Donations of magazines will be accepted in the form of a subscription to a magazine to be paid for by the donor.  The donor may choose the title of the magazine or leave the choice to the library administration.
The library accepts audio-visual materials as long as they are in good condition and not outdated.  Audio cassette tapes and VHS tapes will not be accepted.[2]

[1] Reviewed 2/14

[2] Revised 4/28/11

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